Welcome to the best kept secret; The convenient and money saving experience of dealing with professional mortgage brokers at Brayco Financial!
Our team of specialists will assist in analyzing your specific needs and are able to make recommendations that fit your goals, all the while maintaining the priority to save you money on your mortgage! Our team has access to over forty lenders offering mortgage products consumers are familiar with, as well as unique options, allowing tremendous flexibility and savings for our clients.
Yes, as independent mortgage brokers, our role is to represent you and canvass the market for you. Through Brayco Financial, you can obtain wholesale rates combined with personalized service. And because we are mortgage professionals, we get your mortgage approved quickly and efficiently while minimizing hassles and paperwork.
You may be a first time buyer or an experienced purchaser; are relocating or purchasing recreational property; or looking to add a rental property to your portfolio. You may be planning to refinance an existing home for debt consolidation or renovations; or wanting to tap into the equity in your home through a home equity line of credit. Whatever your situation is, we are able to provide you with financial assistance.
Our office also specializes in assisting clients who are self employed in realizing their home ownership dreams. Our products are designed exclusively for those self employed who do not show enough verifiable income to qualify for a mortgage.
While clients enjoy the savings and many benefits of arranging mortgages through our firm, the best part is lenders pay us for bringing business to them which means no fees for you as a qualified purchaser.