Put yourself in a position of strength when you are negotiating for that dream home. Know exactly how much you are able to afford based on your personal financial picture and have the confidence to be able to purchase the home you desire.

There are literally thousands of options when it comes to mortgages: open to closed, fixed to variable, re-advancing to interest only. Our mortgage professionals are able to assist you in wading through the options, providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision on what works best for you financially, not the bank!

2nd Mortgages:
When does it make sense to add a second mortgage? How much should you entertain and for how long? There are a number of great solutions with second mortgages, but this can be a tricky decision, and a mistake could cost you thousands.

Mortgage Renewals:
The time has finally come to make the lenders sharpen their pencils and save you money! When your mortgage is four months away from renewal, find out the rates from your current lender or bank and ask our agents to better those rates! As long as you are open to having your mortgage moved from one lender to another, our agents will canvass the market for a better deal for you.

Debt Consolidation Financing:
Feeling the squeeze every month, and getting tired of living pay check to pay check? Allow our firm to run some scenarios for you to illustrate how we can improve your monthly cash flow to free up some dollars to do other things in life. Dollars that can be used for renovations, holidays, investment or even just taking a holiday!

Home Equity Line of Credits:
Not all home equity line of credits are equal. What options do they provide, the flexibility they offer and even the conversion rates. Some key elements which play a big part in determining which home equity line works best for you.

Reverse Mortgages:
Ideal product for homeowners over 60 and would like access to the money that is tied up but do not wish to have a monthly payment. Reverse Mortgages are available on primary residences as well as recreational properties. Funds through Reverse Mortgages can be used for any reason. For example: early gifts to family, renovations to the property or simply to enjoy travelling. There are no restrictions or limitations on how to use the money and you maintain control of ownership of your house.

Rental Property:
Tremendous opportunity to diversify your investment strategy, but it also presents some unique challenges which you need to be aware of and prepared for. Our professionals are able to offer a number of options on the financing of rentals regardless of investors having a large sum available for down payment or even very little.

Recreational Property:
The opportunity to purchase and enjoy your very own recreational property has never been easier. With programs tailored specifically for this market, allowing as little as 5% down payment. Where would you like to buy?

Life Insurance:
While Brayco does not provide for mortgage insurance or life insurance, our professionals have a team in place of specialized independent insurance representatives available to assist you with the correct coverage for your situation.

Financial Planning:
Brayco has been fortunate to be able to position with some of the top financial planners available, offering their services to our clientele. Speak with your professional about whether these planners would be of benefit to you.

Realtors are a vital source for providing data in guiding you to making a smart purchase, the timing and ensuring you're not overpaying. Every one of our professionals has in place realtors that also hold the same standards and ethics as our firm, which we are very comfortable in recommending. Speak with your professional on who they would recommend help you in all of your real estate needs.

Legal Services:
Naturally, we work closely with a large number of lawyers and find a variance in the pricing and services offered between firms. Who does the lawyer represent and what happens in the unlikely event of conflict? Our professionals will be able to provide some options on lawyers we recommend.